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A Busy Mom’s Guide To Time-Saving, Salon-Quality Hair at Home

ByRachel SantosApr 22, 2024In Partnership With Madison Reed

Moms, let’s be real: we’re busy. We’re tired. Between corralling my kids and maintaining a full-time job I barely have enough time to keep my head above water, so finding “me time”? It’s practically a foreign concept. 

Amidst the daily chaos, maintaining my self-care routine (especially my hair) often feels like a battle I’m destined to lose. But that’s where Madison Reed’s Root Perfection, at-home root touch up kit, changed the game- here’s why. 

1. It Saves Me Time

Finding a reliable colorist and carving out time for a salon visit can easily consume half a day, not to mention the effort it takes just to book an appointment that fits into a hectic schedule. That’s a luxury I, and many busy moms, simply can’t afford. 

Madison Reed’s Calabria Dark Brown Root Perfection root touch up kit is exactly what I need to fit a little self-care into my busy mom schedule. The process is SO easy and foolproof. The best part is that it extends my time between salon visits by 3+ weeks.

The process is as simple as 3 steps: 

Step 1: Prepare and mix

Step 2: Apply to roots on your T-zone (hairline and typical part line)

Step 3: Process for 10 minutes then rinse

Their root touch up kit comes with everything included, with the option to pick up in one of their 90+ Hair Color Bar locations or get it delivered straight to your door, it couldn’t be more convenient.

2. Bye Bye, Stubborn Grays


There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to color your roots, only to find the dye skimps on covering those stubborn grays. I’ve been there more times than I can count with other at-home kits, leaving me with a patchy look far from what I was aiming for. 

That all changed with Madison Reed. I use the shade Calabria 5N, which not only coats every resistant strand with beautiful, even color but also blends perfectly with my existing salon color, so it looks like my natural color.

Moreover, this isn’t just a fleeting victory. Madison Reed’s Root Perfection touch up kit is made using their award-winning, at-home cream color formula, which means my grays stay covered.

3. Made With Ingredients You Can Feel Good About

Before Madison Reed came into my life, trying to cover up those grays often meant ending up with hair that felt like straw. Dry, brittle, just blah –that was my hair after using those other root touch-up kits. Not cool, especially when you’re coloring as often as I am. 

On the other hand, Madison Reed’s formula is ammonia-free and doesn’t have a lot of harsh chemicals, parabens, or other nasties that you can find in other formulas, meaning my hair feels amazing after each application. Their root touch up kit is literally packed with good-for-you ingredients like keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract to nourish and strengthen your strands.

4. Cost Savings Without Compromising

Let’s talk cost. A salon visit for a root touch-up can easily cost you over $85, a steep price to pay for regular maintenance.

Each Root Perfection at-home root touch up kit includes two applications for just $30, so you’re getting salon-quality color, at-home for just $15/application. Added bonus: Madison Reed offers subscription auto-delivery options, which includes an additional 15% off, exclusive discounts and perks, and more, so you never have to worry about your roots taking over! If you’re like me, keeping those roots looking fresh is a constant battle, so this subscription is our secret weapon!

Final Verdict 

Now that I’ve experienced the quality, convenience, and affordability of Madison Reed’s Root Perfection, at-home root touch up kit, I can’t see myself ever going back to other products or sitting in a salon chair for root touch-ups. It’s been a game changer to help me look and feel my very best: no matter how crazy my schedule gets!