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Water Filters For Skincare Have Gone Viral: See If This Esthetician Approves

ByEmma FlemingMay 9, 2024In Partnership With FilterBaby

Think your high-end skincare routine is flawless? Think again. You’re probably sabotaging your skin by washing your face with dirty water!

As an esthetician, I can honestly say that one of the most common oversights is the importance of cleansing your face with high quality water. I discovered this when my friend introduced me to Filterbaby. This miraculous skincare tool with 200K+ customers effectively filters out contaminants and chemicals that are harsh on our skin and cause irritations, breakouts, and signs of aging. Here’s why I recommend Filterbaby to anyone looking to improve their skin:

Tap Water Can Age Your Skin And Cause Breakouts

Did you know that certain chemicals commonly found in tap water can significantly damage your skin’s barrier?

Over 90% of US homes have tap water with excessive hard metals, and millions of pipes still contain lead, causing rust and corrosion that harms your skin. Chlorine or Chloramine are the two main ingredients used to disinfect water. Both of them strip the skin of its natural oils, disrupting the delicate balance and leading to various skin issues.

Whether you’re hoping to hydrate your skin, maintain a youthful glow, clear acne, or protect the longevity of your skin in general, you need to use filtered water.

Filterbaby Removes 99.9% of Water Contaminants

The Filterbaby‘s advanced filtration technology effectively removes 99.9% of Chlorine and Chloramine. Plus it filters out 99% of physical contaminants as small as 0.1 microns, like algae, rust, bacteria, parasites, and fungi! For reference, the size of a human hair is 70x more thicker than what their filter can capture. This means washing your face with Filterbaby can improve hydration to achieve clearer, softer, glowing skin

Easy Installation In Under 5 Minutes

Choose your color filter—you have 6 options (light pink, white, light blue, black, chrome, hot pink) so you can go neutral and chic or bold and fun. When your kit arrives, you’ll have everything you need to fit this thing onto your faucet in under 5 minutes!

The Filterbaby fits on 99% of faucets. There are 10 adaptors included in each kit so you can make the magic happen. If none work with your faucet, Filterbaby will send you more adaptors for free (AND a money-back guarantee if it still doesn’t fit.)

The initial kit costs $119 but you can score 25% off if you you sign up for the replacement filter subscription and you’re a new customer! You’ll be sent a fresh filter every 3 months for $39 and you can skip or cancel at any time. 

Over time, this investment in your skin’s health is a fraction of what you might spend on high-end skincare products, with the added benefit of long-term skin health improvements.

Trusted By Over 200,000+ Customers And Healthcare Professionals

Filterbaby is the first and only clinically tested water filter for skincare. Dermatologists recommend it for anyone looking to improve skin longevity, but also to treat conditions like wrinkles, eczema, dry skin, acne, and more. Studies show significant improvements in hydration and skin feel within just two weeks of usage. But don’t just take my word for it—93% of users say their skin has never felt better, 91% say they’ll never return to regular old tap water, and even celebs with goddess skin (like Ayesha Curry) are swearing by the Filterbaby.

The founder of Filterbaby, Xin Shui, is a third-generation healthcare practitioner who has treated over 10K patients. If that’s not enough, Filterbaby’s effectiveness is also endorsed by many dermatologists like Dr. Anna Chacon and Dr. Tiffany Moon, who have noted marked decreases in skin irritation and sensitivity from the filter.

Risk-Free Trial + Lifetime Warranty

I’m raving about my Filterbaby to everyone I encounter—clients, family, friends, and strangers. Truly anyone can benefit from this product whether you struggle with anti-aging skin concerns, acne, dryness, or even eczema. I installed it on my bathroom sink and just a few washes later, my stubborn fickle patch of dryness disappeared and none have dared come back since.

I’d hate to see your skin go another day without it! If you’re still not convinced, keep in mind that you have a 60-day risk-free trial. So, if you don’t see results, you can return it within 2 months. Plus, it comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty or a life-time warranty for subscribers.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Filterbaby today and get the best skin of your life!