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Boll & Branch vs. Parachute: Which Bedding Changed My Sleep?

ByHeather LorieceFeb 18, 2024In Partnership With Parachute

They say the days are long and the years are short when you’re raising children. I can’t speak to the years, but I will offer that the nights are the blink of an eye. I stretch them out with as much lounging as I can, and a nap every day. In order to get the rest I need, my bed had better be paradise!

It wasn’t. So, it was upgrade time. I dug around for reviews and found people had fantastic things to say about premium bedding brands like Parachute and Boll & Branch. It can be tough to discern how fabrics feel from photos, so I gave both a try. Read on to learn my easy winner:

The bedding that strikes the perfect balance between cozy and cool…Parachute

When I first sneak under the covers, day or night, I want an immediate cozy factor with softness and warmth. But throughout the night my body temperature is on the rise—and my husband’s a radiator at all times. The 100% garment-washed brushed cotton of my Parachute sheets can accommodate it all. It’s buttery-soft like my favorite broken-in shirt, and also breathable and moisture-wicking. Parachute has other deluxe materials to offer too, but nothing can beat brushed cotton in my book.

With Boll & Branch your options are standard woven cotton sheets—a luxurious version, sure, but not cozy at all—and flannel sheets, which are soft without the breathability, AKA sweaty.

The bedding that’s affordable but still luxurious…Parachute

I’m in a phase of life where I’m prepared to make an investment in linens; I’m well aware of the positive impacts a good night’s sleep can have on my days because I’ve lived it. But if I can dress my bed in quality fabrics for under $700, I’m all over it.

For my king-size bed, Parachute’s brushed cotton bedding costs $120 for the fitted sheet, $110 for the top sheet, $69 for pillowcases, and $240 for the duvet cover, bringing my total to $539.

For Boll & Branch’s woven cotton bedding, we’re looking at $139 for the fitted sheet, $139 for the top sheet, $69 for pillowcases, and $379 for the duvet cover, totaling $726.

If you’re looking for a sustainable option…both are easy on the planet

Parachute is Climate Neutral Certified, meaning they measure their emissions from both production and store impacts, and compensate for their footprint. They are always aiming to reduce their footprint and looking for ways to recycle—their latest effort is a circular program to reuse sanitized down from returned pillows.

Boll & Branch uses fair trade, organic cotton in their bedding. They share in their impact report that they underwent responsible waste and water management treatment, and that they work to offset a portion of their carbon emissions. Boll & Branch is doing better than fast fashion brands out there, but Parachute is in another class when it comes to sustainability.

If you have an eye for color and want to curate a vibe…Parachute

Boll & Branch carries 50 shades of neutrals, and honestly, it made my head spin to compare their three shades of cream, many grays and blues, and multiple sages!

Parachute keeps your options straightforward with a mix of classic neutrals and unique deep tones that give intuitive decorators the opportunity to play with color, without getting overwhelmed by multiple versions of the same color story. They also mix in a rotation of seasonal colors that feel really exciting.

If you aren’t sure what your vision is, Parachute offers free styling assistance from experts who are savvy in honing in on what might work for any space. I’m currently rocking “Dusk” sheets on my bed, and I’m obsessed with how they look against my white walls.

Parachute has achieved perfection

In a bedroom, bedding is the main event in terms of how the space looks and feels. My vision was beautifully met by Parachute’s bedding, and the actual experience of lounging and resting in them is glorious.

When you consider the honest sustainability, the beyond-comfy cotton fabric, the contemporary-meets-classic color choices, and the affordable cost, Parachute bedding is the stuff of dreams. Literally.