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Brooklinen vs. Parachute: Who Should You Get Into Bed With?

ByAmy SunFeb 18, 2024Sponsored

This season, one of my big spring cleaning tasks was to give my bed a refresh. I don’t take my sleep lightly, and I knew I wanted to be able to crawl into a warm, fluffy bed at the end of a long day. 🛏☁️

But it was also important to find high quality, sustainable bedding that isn’t made with harmful chemicals. ❌

After exploring many different popular bedding companies, including the popular Parachute and Brooklinen brands, I’ve discovered the best one for me based on comfort, sustainability, and style.

If, like me, you’re ready to give your bedroom a makeover, you may want to consider a few key factors in deciding on which bedding brand to invest in:

1. If your partner runs hot but you get cold at night… Parachute

I opted for linen bed sheets and pillowcases for many reasons: they’re chic and comfy with a sleek, but lived-in look. But best of all, I love that Parachute’s linen is naturally temperature-regulating. I don’t have to worry about shivering to fall asleep while my partner is sweating or vice versa. This linen is great for any type of sleeper.

2. If you’re looking for affordable yet high-quality bedding… Parachute

While bedding is a worthy investment, you may not exactly want to break the bank on new sheets and blankets. Parachute offers several bundles to save you money, and when you consider the top quality of the materials, like linen, percale, brushed cotton, organic cotton, or sateen, it’s truly a cost effective choice.

Parachute also offers free carbon neutral shipping and 60 day returns if you aren’t satisfied with your order.

3. If you prefer bright colors and patterns… Brooklinen

Brooklinen has some fun and playful colors and prints, from a bright pink rose option to turquoise gingham print and even a rainbow-colored checkered quilt. This is perfect for maximalist decor, if that’s your fancy.

For me, I prefer the classic and modern neutrals offered by Parachute, but I do appreciate that if I want to mix things up, Parachute does offer some unique shades like Terra, a beautiful rust color, or Wave, a perfect summery blue hue.

For now, my bed is dressed in a lovely springtime look with Parachute’s Bone linen, a sandy beige color for the sheets and pillowcases, and a quilt in Moss, a beautiful green.

4. If sustainability is important to you… Parachute

Whether you’re looking for bedding materials with low impact on the planet or lower shipping emissions, Parachute has you covered. My linen bedding from Parachute is made with 100% European flax, which is renewable and doesn’t require irrigation or synthetic chemicals to grow or manufacture.

My favorite ultra-soft organic cloud cotton quilt is made with organic cotton, and all of my Parachute bedding is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100-certified.

Add in the free carbon-neutral shipping, and the fact that Parachute is Climate Neutral Certified, and I can sleep easy knowing how eco-friendly my bedding is.

5. If you’re looking for design assistance… Parachute

If you’re wanting to achieve that Insta-worthy bedroom but aren’t quite sure where to start, you can chat with a stylist at Parachute to help design the plush, stylish bed of your dreams. Plus, this styling assistance is free, meaning you can get a bedroom worthy of a magazine without all the extra interior design fees.

The best bedding brand award goes to… Parachute

Parachute isn’t just dedicated to elegant bedding that will never go out of style, although they definitely offer that. From the sustainable materials and carbon-neutral shipping to the breathable, high-quality fabrics in gorgeous colors, Parachute offers something for everyone’s bedroom.