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Cotton Pillowcases Can Contain 17,000x More Bacteria Than a Toilet Seat… So Get This Pillowcase Instead

ByArwen KetteringJun 7, 2024
In Partnership With Dore & Rose

No matter how tired you are, you wouldn’t dream of laying your head on a toilet seat. 

But when your cotton pillowcase can hold up to 17,000 times more bacteria than said toilet seat, how can you expect to rest easy?

I recently ditched my bacteria-infested cotton pillowcases that needed constant washing to stay even remotely clean and switched to luxurious Skin Recovering Pillowcases from Dore & Rose. 

Here’s how these 23 Momme mulberry silk-infused pillowcases with silver ion technology have helped me get better sleep while keeping germs at bay:

Why are “Momme” and “silver ion technology” important?

Momme refers to the weight of real silk. The higher the Momme, the better the quality. 

While many popular brands offer 19 to 22 Momme silk pillowcases, Dore & Rose’s Skin Recovering Pillowcases are made with naturally hypoallergenic 23 Momme mulberry silk. 

Ditch this…
For Dore & Roses’s Silk Recovering Pillowcase!

But Dore & Rose didn’t just stop with high-quality silk; their Skin Recovering Pillowcases also incorporate Silver Ion Technology that provides a surface that’s up to 99.7% antibacterial.

TL;DR? The resulting pillowcase is a luxurious, clean fabric with natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

That’s why I’ve upgraded my whole family to Skin Recovering Pillowcases. Here are some more reasons we love these pillowcases:

A premium pillowcase with tech that’s up to 99.7% antibacterial

A regular cotton pillowcase with 17,000x the bacteria found on an actual toilet seat, is gross—but what does that actually mean for your health? 

Think acne-causing bacteria, dust, pet dander, allergens, and other skin and respiratory irritants right up in your face, every night—blegh!

Meanwhile, the antibacterial Silver Ion Technology and hypoallergenic silk of the Skin Recovering Pillowcase ensures you’re not sleeping on a hotbed of bacteria every night! Because the Skin Recovering Pillowcase is free from artificial chemicals, it’s really a no-brainer. 

As for periodic cleaning, just gently hand wash or delicate wash your silk pillowcase from time to time and hang dry to give it a refresh! Easy. 

Soft silk designed by dermatologists for healthier skin

When you spend 7+ hours a night with your face on a germy, rough pillowcase, you’re bound to wake up with irritated skin or the occasional blemish. 

The Skin Recovering Pillowcase is designed by dermatologists who understand that silk doesn’t just feel soft and smooth against your cheek; it also helps prevent skin irritation and acne and can even help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles down the road! 

A major step toward smoother, more luminous hair

Dore & Rose’s Skin Recovering Pillowcase isn’t just great for your skin. Your hair will also thank you for making the switch! 

This is because cotton is porous and rougher than silk, meaning it can draw moisture from your hair and subject it to abrasion while you sleep. This leads to problems like frizz and breakage. 

Silk is breathable and finer than cotton, so it keeps hair feeling soft and doesn’t contribute to hair breakage or loss. 

A pillowcase that offers superior sleep benefits

I’ve noticed a real pep in my step every morning since switching to the Skin Recovering Pillowcase, and I think it’s because these pillowcases are also naturally temperature-regulating. 

Because I’m a hot sleeper, this has been a game-changer for me! No more waking up feeling overheated. I’ve been so happy with Dore & Rose that I ordered their silk Deep Sleep Mask. With all the same benefits as the Skin Recovering Pillowcase, this combo is a dream come true! 

Pillowcases that have 100,000+ positive reviews for a reason!

Once I found out my cotton pillowcases were loaded with germs, I was eager to switch to a different fabric right away, and I’m so glad I found Dore & Rose’s Skin Recovering Pillowcases!

With over 100,000 positive reviews from satisfied customers like me, free shipping for orders $100 or more, and a 30-night satisfaction guarantee, I had a pretty good feeling about these pillowcases from the start—and Dore & Rose have proved me right! 

If you’re ready to help your family sleep better while kicking gross germs and artificial chemicals to the curb, it’s high time you gave Dore & Rose a try!