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Do Migraine Glasses Actually Work? I Tried Them So You Don’t Have To

ByCandida MaceoJul 1, 2024

When it wasn’t the hours at a computer, it was the afternoon sun blazing on a high-contrast editorial shoot. When it wasn’t the fluorescent conference room lights, it was the ones at the grocery store. Migraine attacks seemed to find me and follow me. Then Zenni found me, too.

Actually I found them—with a career in fashion, I thought my coworker was just rocking rose-colored glasses as a statement. Turns out the rose-tinted lenses of Zenni glasses may help reduce light sensitivity and migraine headaches.

Admittedly, it seemed too good to be true. But since migraine attacks were already a daily frustration, I figured I had nothing to lose. So I gave Zenni a try.

Tackle your migraine—no pharmaceuticals required

I’d put in my time at the migraine clinic. I had been told in a dozen different ways that there’s little known about the cause of migraine attacks, but a laundry list of medications to eradicate them. One if you sense one coming on, another if it comes on anyway, and yet another if it worsens. That seemed ridiculous.

To be honest, rose-colored glasses also struck me as ridiculous. But when I dug in a little and found out that Zenni’s FL-41 lenses can help reduce light sensitivity and migraine attacks, I was definitely intrigued. Heck, why wouldn’t I give them a try?

Stylish? ✅ Effective? ✅

Yes, this is a success story, I’ll tell you that now. I was not mad that Zenni glasses come in literally thousands of style and color options. Choosing my frames was downright fun. But my “not mad” transformed into thrilled when I walked through life wearing my cute glasses and slowly noticed the absence of pain as I moved in and out of bright sunlight, fluorescent lights, and screens. 

How do they do it? Those FL-41 lenses I mentioned are crafted to filter out bothersome wavelengths of light. They may reduce harsh light (particularly when I am outside), enhance contrast and increase sharpness. All these things are easier on my eyes and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the amount of sunshine and screen time I’m able to tolerate without the telltale migraine attack symptoms creeping in.

Once you’ve chosen frames, you can tailor your lenses between 25%, 50%, or 80% tint, depending on whether you plan to use them mostly inside, mostly outside, or a combo. They’re scratch resistant, water repellant, and have 100% UV protection tossed into the mix for good measure.

All that and they’re affordable

With frames starting at $6.95 and migraine lenses starting at $45.95, Zenni migraine glasses are definitely affordable. I found a ton of cute non-prescription frames that I liked under $15, and each FL-41 order includes scratch-resistance, an advanced water-resistant anti-reflective coating, and 100% UV protection.

You can also wear a non-prescription pair over contact lenses!

I can see clearly now

As someone who has contended with migraine attacks for many years and been disappointed by the lack of answers and overly medicalized options, I’m shocked that this simple route is the one that worked.

Am I completely migraine-free since wearing my Zenni glasses on and off throughout my day? Of course not. But the stress and strain in my eyes has decreased, and the number of full-on migraine attacks has lowered noticeably.

It doesn’t hurt that I have a fun new accessory in the mix, as well!