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Fabletics vs. Alo vs. lululemon: The Activewear That Just Makes Sense to Wear

ByAngela ChenMay 7, 2024Sponsored

For as much time and hard work as I put in at the gym, my activewear has to put some work in, too. I want to feel good in quality fabrics and well-engineered fits, and look good in styles that are ‘me.’ After giving the 3 most popular athleisure brands a lot of wear and washes, I have thoughts. I’m ready to share my experience with Fabletics, Alo, and lululemon.

Let’s get into who does what best:

The one with the price tag on point…Fabletics

Look, if a garment is exceptional, I’m willing to pay. But I’m not going to blindly throw moneybags at a brand when there’s an equivalent product out there for a better price.

With lululemon we’re talking standard leggings just shy of $100, and sports bras up to $70, and some tops over $100. Alo is up in the clouds with lululemon—I recently saw leggings on there for $138. That’s pearl-clutching prices!

Fabletics has it figured out. Their unique membership model means I can buy full matching sets or try new trends without taking out a loan. Their VIP membership plan costs $59.95 per month, which goes directly toward any 2-piece outfit or item up to $100 I like. If ever my drawer needs a moment before I add more in, I can skip a month without the charge or cancel anytime at all.

The one that has all the details considered…Fabletics

When it comes to quality, you won’t be let down by any of these brands. Fabletics, Alo, and lululemon can all be counted on for smooth fabrics that aren’t see-through, sweat-wicking capabilities that keep you dry even during intense workouts, and compression that offers a flattering fit. But still a leader emerges: it’s Fabletics I can count on for a well-placed pocket, a sturdy zipper, and even UV protection on some of their workout tops, leggings, jackets, and swimwear.

The one in which you’re likely to end up accidentally twinning…lululemon

A coordinating moment can be cute when it’s on purpose, but I’d rather not step into the gym wearing the same leggings 3 other girls have on. This has actually happened to me in lululemon pants in the past, and it was NOT my favorite.

Alo does have some unique silhouettes among their selection, but Fabletics definitely takes the cake for widest selection, with a consistent XXS to 4X size range to boot. My favorite part is that their color and pattern range is here for whatever vibe you want—there are classy solid colors and tasteful neutrals, there are wild neons and even metallics, and there are amazing patterns you won’t see anywhere else.

The one with better men’s workout clothes…Fabletics

Six months ago I wasn’t paying much attention to men’s activewear options, but now I’m in a relationship and bae is A) a personal trainer, and B) game to coordinate ‘fits with me. Melt. The Fabletics men’s line gets the same love that the women’s clothes do, with quality lining, pockets, waistbands, and more (the shirt loop on these joggers blew my mind). The range of colors and patterns let guys be their fullest expression of self even in workout clothes. And I can shop the men’s section from my Fabletics membership, reaping that VIP 70% discount on his clothes too. 

Fabletics works best for me, period

Fabletics has everything going for it: the great quality, the wide size range, the variety of styles. They also have an impressive men’s selection, and I’m loving the opportunities for tasteful coordination with my guy. For $59.95 per month, 70% member-exclusive discounts, and free returns and exchanges within 90 days, there’s literally no reason to source athleisure outfits anywhere else.