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MyBiotin® vs. Nutrafol: Which Supplement Do I Use for Thicker Hair?

ByStacie ConnertyMay 15, 2024

When I noticed my hair starting to look a bit thin and lackluster, I took it as an opportunity to dive into the world of hair health supplements. On my quest to reclaim the thickness and vibrancy, I stumbled upon two hair supplements, MyBiotin ProClinical by Purity Products and Nutrafol.

But which one truly delivers? Here’s my personal journey:

If your wallet could talk… MyBiotin® ProClinical

When it comes to beauty investments, you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of every dollar spent. 💵 Here, MyBiotin® takes the lead.

With a 30-day supply priced at $39.95 and a ‘Subscribe & Save’ deal reducing that to just $27.95, it’s a budget-friendly winner! Nutrafol, with a monthly cost of $88, feels quite steep by comparison.

If you’re impatient like me and want quick results… MyBiotin® ProClinical

Patience might be a virtue, but when it comes to waiting for beauty products to work, we all prefer quick results. My hair felt noticeably thicker and stronger at the root within three weeks of using MyBiotin ProClinical.

Although Nutrafol did show some change (not going to lie), it wasn’t as significant or swift as with MyBiotin ProClinical.

If science is your thing… It’s a tie!

While comparing the two, I noticed that both MyBiotin ProClinical and Nutrafol are built on a foundation of scientific research. Each brand clearly invests in ensuring their product is effective for consumers. This shared dedication to science-backed efficacy is reassuring; in this aspect, I’d say it’s a tie.

If you love surprises (the good kind!)… MyBiotin® ProClinical

What could be better than a product that delivers more than expected? 💵 To my delight, MyBiotin ProClinical did just that with the surprise skin benefits! The secret ingredient? Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant. Within weeks, I noticed my skin feeling smoother and more radiant. While Nutrafol provided a focus on hair health, it couldn’t match this unexpected bonus from MyBiotin ProClinical.

If You Believe in Making Every Bit Count… MyBiotin® ProClinical

One element often overlooked in supplements is bioavailability – how well our body can absorb the nutrients. With MyBiotin ProClinical, this detail was not missed. Its 40X more soluble biotin ensures your body gets the maximum benefit from each dose, putting it ahead of Nutrafol.

And the crown goes to… MyBiotin® ProClinical 🎉

Here we are at the finish line! After a thorough comparison,MyBiotin® ProClinical really stood out to me as the clear winner. Its affordability, quicker visible results, and added skin benefits perfectly matched my needs. Selfishly, my hair hasn’t gotten this many compliments and years, and I’d like to keep them coming. 💅🏻

Remember, these opinions are solely based on my personal experience. We are all unique, as are our bodies’ responses to different products.

If you’re on a similar quest for thicker hair and smoother skin, I’d recommend giving MyBiotin® ProClinical a try. It’s definitely more than your basic biotin. 🤩