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Noteworthy vs by/rosie jane: Which Brand Will Lead Me to My Signature Fragrance?

ByAngela ChenMay 20, 2024Sponsored

Listen, I get it: when it comes to finding your signature scent, I know the struggle all too well.

There I was again, standing in front of an intimidating wall of perfumes, feeling completely overwhelmed. But what if I told you that there’s a fragrance fairy godmother out there, ready to make all your scent dreams come true?

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s meet the contenders. First up is Noteworthy, known for their bold, innovative scents packed into a clever Discovery Kit & Sample Set. Then there’s by/rosie jane with its clean and simple fragrances. 

Want to know my ULTIMATE pick for discovering your signature fragrance? Well…

If You’re After Personalized Fragrance Recommendations… Noteworthy

Noteworthy’s personalization process is a total game-changer. After completing a quick 3-minute quiz, I received 4 custom-curated scents in my individual Discovery Kit that not only smelled good but felt like a true reflection of me. It’s like having a fragrance expert in your pocket, guiding you to your perfect match: no more guessing games required.

To cover all my bases, I also got the Noteworthy Signature Sampler, which contains all of their fragrances. Unlike the Discovery Kit, there’s no quiz involved with the Signature Sampler, nor is there one with by/rosie jane’s Fragrance Discovery Set.

So while by/rosie jane offers a lovely variety of scents, they lack the bespoke customization that Noteworthy offers through their Discovery Kit. I ended up falling in love with one of the Noteworthy scents that was recommended based on my quiz results. The citrusy yet woodsy n,307

If You’re Looking for Variety and Long-Lasting Scents… Noteworthy

When it comes to variety, Noteworthy is absolutely unbeatable. I mean, their Signature Sampler alone hooks you up with 17 different scents—yes, you read that right, 17! That’s every fragrance they make, right at your fingertips. 

In comparison, by/rosie jane’s Fragrance Discovery Set includes 7 scents. That’s their complete lineup too, but it just doesn’t stack up to the sheer volume and variety Noteworthy brings to the table. 

Plus, the staying power of Noteworthy‘s scents is seriously no joke. I’m talking about all-day wear that really lasts, without any need to constantly reach for the bottle. Both brands offer eau de parfum, but Noteworthy’s fragrances just seem to linger on my skin for longer. 

If You Prefer All Vegan Options…by/rosie jane

As someone who’s all about clean beauty, I appreciate that both Noteworthy and by/rosie jane are committed to cruelty-free practices and use sustainable, clean ingredients. No sketchy additives here, folks! They also use recyclable and sustainable packaging, which is a huge plus in my book. 

But by/rosie jane takes it a step further by ensuring that all their fragrances are 100% vegan. While I’m not strictly vegan, I think this is a fantastic option for those who are. Noteworthy has some vegan options, but it’s not their entire range. However, you can request that your discovery kits are vegan through their customer care team. 

If You Want Affordable Luxury… Noteworthy

When it comes to value, I think I’ve hit the jackpot with Noteworthy. Their Fragrance Discovery Kit is an amazing deal at $25 for 4 custom-curated scents, and the best part? That $25 is fully redeemable towards a full-size bottle, making this option not just affordable but practically risk-free. They also offer a Signature Sampler with 17 scents for $59.99, which also includes a $25 credit towards a future purchase.

In contrast, by/rosie jane’s set provides 7 samples for $25, but it doesn’t include any redeemable credit. While both options are reasonably priced, the credit from Noteworthy definitely gives it an edge in terms of value.

The Verdict: Noteworthy is Your Fragrance BFF

Bottom line? If you want to up your fragrance game and find your perfect match, Noteworthy is your bestie. They’ve got the personalization down pat, an incredible variety of scents, and staying power that won’t quit.

Their Discovery Kit was a revelation for me, especially n,307. It’s not just a fragrance; it’s become a part of my identity—fresh, a bit mysterious, and always inviting. I can’t step out without someone asking, “What are you wearing?” It’s a confidence booster in a bottle!

Do yourself (and your nose) a favor and give Noteworthy a whirl. Your signature scent is just a spritz away!