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Prose vs. Function of Beauty: Which Custom Hair Care is for You?

ByJenny ScheckFeb 18, 2024Sponsored #ad

Editor’s note: This is a deal that comes around ONCE in a blue moon. Seriously, if you’ve ever even considered buying Prose, NOW is the time. Once this deal goes, we’re not sure if it’s ever coming back.

Everyone has a different hair story. I myself have gone through multiple hair evolutions, going from decades of virgin hair to highlights, to experimenting with crazy bright colors. My hair care needs have changed drastically having gone from a level 1 natural brunette to a level 10 platinum blonde. That is why custom hair care is so intriguing to me.

In the world of custom haircare, Prose and Function of Beauty reign supreme. But, how do you know which is best? I’ll compare them and share my personal favorite and recommendation!

If you want a more detailed consultation for more customized results…Prose

What I really appreciate about Prose is their highly detailed consultation, which is much more in depth than Function of Beauty’s. They take into account hair texture, level of oiliness or dryness, hair denseness, porousness, thickness, washing habits, and much more. I know firsthand how much the environment and climate affects your hair. For example, my hair texture and behavior changes dramatically from when I’m vacationing in the humid, tropical beaches of Mexico versus when I am back home in the dry, desert climate of Arizona. Arizona has notoriously hard water which has wreaked havoc on my delicate strands. Prose takes into account the zip code you live in to adjust your formula accordingly.

Using the answers to your hair consultation, you are given breakdown grades of everything from your scalp sensitivity, sebum production, to environmental stressors. This was so fascinating to see! Prose takes the cake.

There is also an option to update your hair consultation anytime there is a significant change in your hair or lifestyle, such as getting a new hair treatment or increasing the frequency you color your hair. Prose’s philosophy is to continually improve and evolve with you over time.

If you want the best performance…Prose

How well the product performs on my hair is what determines if I will reach for it again and again, over the other options in my collection. So which custom hair care duo worked best for me? The Function of Beauty shampoo smells amazing, lathered up nicely, and rinsed clean, while the conditioner left my hair feeling ultra soft. However, as it air dried, my hair was just not as smooth and laying down as nicely as I would like.

The Prose shampoo created a soft lather and rinsed clean, while the conditioner detangled all the knots in my fine hair. Brushing through it was a breeze and took no time at all. As I air dried it for a direct comparison, my hair felt soft, hydrated, and so much more manageable and frizz free. It just worked much better with my hair type. Overall, I enjoyed both custom hair care experiences, but Prose is my personal favorite and recommendation!

If you want a lower price…Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty offers the shampoo and conditioner in two sizes: 8 oz and 16 oz. The 8 oz set costs $40, while the 16 oz set is $50. An 8.5 oz set of Prose shampoo and conditioner will set you back $56, or $28 each. You can subscribe for 15% off every purchase, which helps bring the cost down to $44.80 for the set and ensures you never run out of product. But if pricing is a factor, Function of Beauty is the cheaper, more economical option of the two.

If you want customization options and cute packaging… It’s a tie

Prose offers eight scent options (including fragrance-free), ranging from florals, musks, aquatic, to citrus. I opted for the Botanica fragrance, an herbal scent consisting of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Rosemary that instantly transports me to a spa whenever I use it. For Function of Beauty, I opted for the Takes Two to Mango fragrance, a tropical fruit scent that is absolutely heavenly as well. Both products were well packaged and included the handy bottle pumps. Function of Beauty goes for the bright, colorful modern packaging, with the fun stickers being a cute touch, while Prose goes for the chic, minimalistic apothecary approach. This comes down to a matter of preference, but I find both aesthetically pleasing in their own way.


My pick for the ultimate winner is easy. Prose just worked better for my hair and their in-depth consultation gave me truly personalized results that I can update anytime!