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Prose vs. Olaplex: Which Hair Care Brand Is Best For You?

BySusannah BoyarFeb 18, 2024Sponsored #ad

Editor’s note: This is a deal that comes around ONCE in a blue moon. Seriously, if you’ve ever even considered buying Prose, NOW is the time. Once this deal goes, we’re not sure if it’s ever coming back.

My number one priority? Looking fresh and put together as I step out of my apartment and into the world. And a big part of this is healthy hair! Shiny, bouncy locks are as essential to my identity as the clothes I wear or the music I listen to.

Enter: Prose and Olaplex. I wish I could say I “woke up like this,” but I’m actually just ultra-invested in the best haircare out there. So, naturally I had to compare Prose and Olaplex across a few different categories to find the winner…

The Two Mane Contenders

Prose makes endless appearances on my TikTok, and for good reason: The influencers holding up those Prose bottles do have the shiniest, fullest hair. But can a custom formula hold a candle to a high-end brand like Olaplex? I had to pick Olaplex for this showdown because it’s beloved by stylists and celebs everywhere. Let’s dive in.

Test #1: Customization

Prose: Prose’s quiz considers factors like hair texture, weather, and water hardness in your ZIP code, your stress levels, diet, workout routine, and more. Prose then creates your specific formula based on your answers and hair goals. Non-custom brands don’t know the full picture of your hair and its environment, so they can’t address issues at the root like Prose can.

Olaplex: Olaplex has a Hair Diagnostic quiz and you can shop by concern, but you can’t tailor the formulas to your individual needs. Olaplex’s 10 products are more focused on extreme damage.

Winner: Prose

Test #2: Accessibility

Prose: Prose’s personalized products are made to order, so you won’t find Prose on the shelves of your local shops. Prose does ship right to your door, though.

Editor’s note: Not only can you also subscribe to earn free products and save 15% on every Prose order — pause or cancel anytime… but for a limited time, Prose is offering FIFTY PERCENT OFF your first order. Deals like this don’t come ’round often, so definitely keep that in mind.

Olaplex: You’ll find Olaplex at chains like Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, salons, and various online retailers. I’m still convinced that my Prose custom Leave-In Conditioner trumps Olaplex’s No. 3 Hair Perfector, but if you absolutely can’t wait, you know where to find Olaplex.

Winner: Olaplex

Test #3: Adaptability 

Prose’s Review & Refine® feature ensures that your custom haircare is going to evolve with you, season after seasonAfter trying Prose, you’ll have the opportunity to rate and review each product, and Prose will update your formulas to make your next order even better for your evolving needs. Prose has 400,00+ 5 star product reviews on Review & Refine® — and all of their hair concerns are unique!

Olaplex: Though Olaplex is known and vetted by stylists, you can’t easily change your current system. You’ll have to keep buying new products until you find the one that works, which can be very expensive AND wasteful.

Winner: Prose

Test #4: Transparency

Prose: Prose not only makes completely customizable formulas (you’ll know everything that goes in your blends!), but they do so without any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, or GMOs. Prose takes ingredient visibility to the max by listing the country of origin and the EWG (Environmental Working Group) score.

Olaplex: Olaplex is cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic, much like Prose. I like that you can view all the ingredients on their website, but they don’t list the countries or EWG scores like Prose does.

Winner: Prose

My Ultimate Winner Is…Prose!

I wasn’t sure that Prose would take the cake over Olaplex, but I’m pleasantly surprised with my findings. Prose is all the things I love: it’s personalized, it’s easier on the environment and you, and most importantly, I’m looking great — if I do say so myself!