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SNOW vs. HiSmile: See My Pearly Whites Winner

ByClaudia MaterdominiFeb 18, 2024

Let’s not beat around the bush: a whiter smile is always a plus. Who doesn’t feel more confident with a beautifully bright smile? Every so often, I whiten my teeth at home to counteract stains from coffee, teas, sodas, and more. I decided to compare two popular systems you’ve definitely heard about on social media: the SNOW Whitening Kit and the HiSmile V34 Color Correcting Serum. Here’s how I broke the two products down.

If you’re looking for longer-lasting real results…SNOW

Aside from having your teeth capped, the one true way to make your smile brighter is to whiten them with a bleach-type product. SNOW’s Whitening Kit gives you three tubes of whitening serum to paint your teeth with, and one is extra strength to really get things going. After just 20 minutes a day, my teeth were noticeably whiter.

HiSmile’s results may be just temporary as it’s only a color corrector. With SNOW’s Whitening Kit, the results after consistent use will be closer to what you can achieve at in-office treatments.

If you’re looking for something that’s cost-efficient…SNOW

SNOW’s Diamond Whitening Kit has some serious longevity. The kit costs $79, but with 75+ treatments, it nets out to being about $1/treatment, which is a great value. Plus, we have an exclusive discount code just for TGU readers like you! Apply code MSA20 at checkout to get 20% off SNOW! On top of that, you can get FREE first shipment + $20 off SNOW when you subscribe to the Confidence Club.

The HiSmile serum doesn’t indicate how many uses you get per 1 oz. bottle, which has me wondering just how cost-efficient it is. SNOW’s Whitening Kit is good for 75+ treatments including 2 whitening serum wands, 1 extra-strength whitening serum wand, and an LED blue light mouthpiece. I also love that the kit is made in the USA and the packaging is recyclable.

You can also buy refill whitening serums from SNOW to continue making use of your whitening kit in the future. And, hands down, SNOW is a much cheaper option than in-office treatments that can run you as much as $500 per treatment!

If you’re looking for a quick treatment….HiSmile

They suggest that the HiSmile V34 Color Correcting Serum can be used daily, post-whitening, or before any special occasion. It’s a deep purple serum brushed on the teeth for 30 seconds to counteract any warm tones (think yellow) in your teeth. If you think back to the color wheel, purple is across from yellow, so in theory this should result in some sort of change in the color of your teeth.

I noticed that the results are fast and you’ll definitely notice some brightness in the mirror after rinsing. HiSmile recommends it for people who are looking to continue brightening their teeth after whitening treatments, or for those whose teeth are already white & don’t need to undergo an entire whitening process. Important to note here is that HiSmile’s results aren’t expected to last–it’s not actually meant to erase stains, so you’re better off with a whitening kit.

When I use SNOW’s Whitening Kit, I noticed results right off the bat. You actually only have to use SNOW for as little as 9 minutes per day to see results! In order to maximize its effectiveness, though, SNOW recommends taking their 21 day challenge.

If you want simpler ingredients…SNOW

Both brands use peppermint oil to flavor their products, but I really like that the SNOW Whitening Kit forgoes any unnecessary sweeteners, whereas HiSmile includes sorbitol, sucralose, and xylitol. And while approved by the FDA, HiSmile also contains artificial dyes like D&C Red No. 33, which I would prefer to avoid.

SNOW is also formulated with sensitive teeth in mind. If you’re like me and you’re constantly struggling with intense sensitivity after whitening, you’re in luck with SNOW.

The final verdict

I think it’s safe to say that SNOW comes out on top for me. If I’m going to invest time and money into whitening my teeth, I’m going to use something that uses a trusted method that has been in practice for years. I love how my teeth look and feel when I use SNOW – I’m definitely in it for the long haul!