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Soniclear Petite vs. Luna Mini 3 – Which Facial Cleansing Brush Makes My Skin Glow?

ByStacie HamiltonFeb 18, 2024

Editor’s note: For a limited time only, my winner for a better cleanse and more radiant skin is having a 20% OFF SALE – this beauty tool is truly too good to pass up right now! Keep reading to find out which one it is.

We’ve all been there: you look in the mirror, and all you can see are imperfections. Dry skin, fine lines, rough patches, redness, clogged pores … you name it, and I’ve obsessed over it in the mirror. It was time to brush those worries aside with a facial cleansing brush that could give my skin a boost.

The Soniclear Petite from Michael Todd Beauty and the Luna Mini 3 by Foreo are two of the top-rated, best-selling facial cleansing tools on the market, both of which promise to give a superior cleanse and make your skincare routine easier and more effective.

I decided to try them both to see which one deserved a permanent spot on my bathroom counter. Here’s how they compared:

If You’re Looking for a Gentle AND Effective Way to Clean Your Face…Soniclear Petite

The standout feature of the Soniclear Petite is its sonic technology, which not only gently exfoliates away dead skin but also effectively removes pore-blocking impurities that sit deeper in the skin. Plus, the Soniclear Petite is super easy to hold while the Foreo is a bit small and difficult to grip.

One aspect I truly appreciate is how it seamlessly handles the makeup, dirt, oil, and pollution that build up on my skin throughout the day. With just a single use, I can feel the difference as it deeply cleanses my pores while still being gentle enough to avoid any skin irritation. I can feel those bristles working to wash away any of the dirt on my face so I don’t need to go back in with a second wash – I just rinse off with some water!

This capability of removing makeup directly is a game-changer for me, especially when compared to the Luna Mini 3, which advises a pre-cleansing makeup removal. As someone who wears makeup pretty often, I need to make sure I’m taking care of my skin at the end of the day so I’m working with a clean foundation.

While the Luna Mini 3 employs sonic pulsing too, I personally found it a bit too mild for my liking, leaving me wanting a more thorough cleanse to really clear out my pores. If you’re going to use a beauty tool you have to be convinced that it’s going to do a better job than just using your hands!

If You Liked the Now Discontinued Clarisonic…Soniclear Petite

Not to throw a third product in the mix but we have to address the Clarisonic which has been discontinued for a while now. The tool was well-loved for many good reasons, and if you were loyal to that product – or wanted to try it but unfortunately discovered it’s no longer available – well, you’re in good company. These customers were in the same boat and they all converted to the Soniclear Petite because they say it’s better!

If a Clean & Mold Free Beauty Tool Matters to You..Soniclear Petite

I’m not one to skip out on washing my makeup and skincare brushes, but it would be nice to get a little break on that chore from time to time. Soniclear Petite’s built-in antimicrobial protection in its brush heads gives me just that — a break. The brushes stay fresh for 6 months before needing to be replaced and I never have to do more than just rinse it at the end of each use.

As for the Foreo Luna Mini 3? It’s made from silicone that might not be as hygienic over time. The brush head isn’t removable or replaceable, so if you want to be able to replace your brush heads for extra protection, I’d recommend Soniclear Petite.

If Extra Speed Settings Is Your Top Concern…Luna Mini 3

We all have different skin needs, and the Soniclear Petite understands that with its three-speed settings. Whether your skin calls for a gentle touch or a more vigorous cleanse, Soniclear Petite is adaptable. The product also comes with a coupon for an optional sensitive brush head for those with particularly delicate skin.

On the other hand, the Luna Mini 3 has 12 adjustable massage intensities. Now, I’ll be real with you; having a dozen settings sounds fab, but let’s be honest, who’s going to use all of them? I mean, I find my go-to setting and pretty much stick to it. Yet, for the sake of variety and those who love to mix it up, Luna Mini 3 takes the lead in this category.

If You Want a Submersible Waterproof Tool…Soniclear Petite

Afraid of water ruining your device? No worries with the Soniclear Petite, which is 100% waterproof and submersible, meaning that you can use it in the shower or bath without a second thought. There’s even a shower caddy you can purchase separately to make your shower experience both luxurious and organized!

The Luna Mini 3 is also 100% waterproof, but when I’ve used it, I always worry about fully submerging the electrical port, where you plug in the charger. This isn’t an issue with my Soniclear Petite, which uses wireless charging.

The Ultimate Winner for the Best Glow…Soniclear Petite

From its sonic technology and antimicrobial properties to the travel-friendly design and wireless charging stand, Soniclear Petite is made for effectiveness and convenience. I love that the vibrations help deep-clean the skin, which ultimately helps skin better absorb skincare products.

Add in the fact that this brush is completely submersible, Soniclear Petite has been the best addition to my skincare arsenal. Since using it, my skin has looked and felt noticeably healthier.

If you’re ready to join me and get your glow on, order a Soniclear Petite today. Happy cleansing!