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Ulike’s Valentine’s Day Deal Is the Best on the Block—Put Down the Razor & Shop It ASAP

ByChristen RussoFeb 18, 2024In Partnership with Ulike

Editor’s Note: You better not miss this: readers have reported that the Ulike Air 3  and Air+ sold out, but it’s back! Act quickly before it sells out again 👀

Here’s the sitch: Ulike dropped an INSANE deal on the Ulike Air+ & Ulike Air 3 Hair Removal Handset, and it’s a one-way ticket to smooth, hairless, and glowing skin, andddd you can kiss shaving goodbye. We’ve got the scoop on this MSA-EXCLUSIVE DEAL:

With code VDAY24, get $70 off + free gifts on Ulike’s most-loved products: the Air+ (originally $289, now $219) and the Air 3 (originally $329, now $259).

To top it off, get FAST & FREE SHIPPING90-day money back guarantee, and 2-year warranty. 

Amazing, right? Unlock access is by clicking on the red button below:


What’s so great about Ulike, anyway?

Umm, everything. But here’s what Ulike has to say about the Air 3:

  • Users may experience a 90% hair reduction in just 4 weeks
  • In the meantime, users may see visible results in just 2 weeks
  • It has a built-in sapphire-ice cooling and UV filter ❄️
  • Expert-backed and clinically tested

Does this deal apply to all Ulike’s products?

Nope, the discount is for the Air 3 and Air+ this time around — but it makes the perfect gift for pretty much anyone. Don’t worry, we have the receipts: 

Are the Air 3 and Air+ handsets worth it?

Heck yes—it’s way cheaper and more pleasant than going to the salon for body hair removal. We can’t stress the pain-free aspect enough, too. This is a hair removal option that can be worked into your home routine and that has so many accounts of positive results!

When does this deal end?

This Ulike deal ends on 2/15/24. We would suggest not waiting too long – it’s pretty rare for a deal like this to come along!